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I love the accessible format of webinars, and set up a new company, Moceanic, to deliver courses and ‘Coaching+’ (coaching with extras!) world-wide. Moceanic can deliver the world’s best coaches and courses to you, wherever you are.


“Sean has a clarity of thought and depth of knowledge that is invaluable….but his real skill is that he keeps it simple and cuts through the fluff and fakery! This webinar is a great use of an hour of your time”

Sarah Frayne, Cancer Society New Zealand

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I deliver consulting in New Zealand and Australia through Pareto Fundraising.


“It’s been a very thought provoking session. It’s challenged us, got us to open our minds to a few aspects, and as a result we are going away with some fresh ideas, ways we can tweak and get a bit of extra yield from the activities that we currently do.”

Carl Young, Fundraising Director Peter Macallam Cancer Foundation


I hold workshops world-wide, at conferences and for fundraising agencies as well as charities.


“I recommend you to come to Sean’s seminar because you get really practical tips for starting with a fundraising programme, but you also get some advice on how to professionalise your current programme.”

Lena, Relationship Manager, Amnesty International Netherlands

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  • Watch this video to learn more about how you can have a great landing page that will encourage your visitors to make a donation to your charity.
  • Understand why it is important to have a good landing or donation page.
  • Find out the features that really convert viewers into donors.


  • This is my last post on seantriner.com.  Don’t worry – I am still producing free useful information, webinars and other resources.  But it gets better! I’ve now launched Moceanic.  All about training, learning, lifting knowledge of fundraisers and I am not alone. Simone Joyaux, Jeff......

  • The Soi Dog Foundation and Australia for Dolphins have had enormous success in global fundraising using the digital ‘multi-step’ approach. Although based in Thailand and Australia respectively, the two charities fundraised globally with shocking images, which helped them get traction.   But what about the......

  • These days I work with boards, CEOs, CFOs (and North American equivalents like VPs) as much as I do with fundraisers. These people rarely have a fundraising background. Success of the organisation tends to depend on whether these non-fundraiser leaders, who have responsibility for fundraisers, respect......

  • I got this lovely email from World Animal Protection (WAP). It worked on me.  BUT generally, humour is risky in charity direct marketing. I think this is for a few reasons: Not everyone gets the joke! Making light of your serious cause needs to be considered carefully: brand......

  • As I was working on some articles about story-telling, copywriting for your website and making your direct mail great I found I had to come back to the absolute fundamentals about why we in charities write anything at all. It is important that everything we......


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