Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting your landing page right

Next month I am presenting a free webinar on landing pages.  It was specifically requested after my 'Three Secrets to Fundraising from Facebook' webinar.  Details of times - which span the whole world - are at the bottom of this blog.

We all know we should be using our webpages, emails and more to point people to a place to donate online.

But we also know that every click, every distraction, every time something isn't right, we lose a small percentage of donors.

From when people click 'donate now' we want them to complete their donation.

Below are a few of my favourites, that make it easy to donate.  And below them are the links to the webinar sign up pages.

Here's an idea - donate to them all and follow the communications trail! You learn lots and cheaper than a consultant...

If you want to point readers and me towards a great landing page, put it into the comments and if I like it I will donate to it at least!

Splash (USA), great but provides 'escape routes' (I will explain escape routes in my webinar).

IFAW Save Baby Elephants, uses ability to get more text, AND allows me to share my action on Facebook

UNICEF Australia, cracking website, donation page makes up for escape routes by being brilliant at everything else.  Love how as you type in your donation it adds fields rather than scare you away.

Macmillan UK, very donor centric. Escape routes are an annoying norm on otherwise great donation pages.

CBM Germany, the pop-up donation page is very clear and no distractions.  If you read German!

More to add?



Americas (Atlantic & Central) edition
Mon 14th Dec 15.00 EST - US East Coast
Mon 14th Dec 12.00 PST - US West Coast
Mon 14th Dec 18.00 BRST - Rio De Janeiro
Mon 14th Dec 20.00 GMT – London
Tues 15th Dec 07.00 AEDT - Sydney

Americas (Pacific), SE&E Asia, Oceania edition
Tues 15th Dec 18.00 EST - US East Coast
Tues 15th Dec 15.00 PST - US West coast
Tues 15th Dec 23.00 GMT – London
Wed 16th Dec 09.00 HKT - Hong Kong
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Working on a new website?

I spent time with a wonderful charity in Europe who told me they were 'redoing their website'.  I hear that a lot these days, and for good reason; many are pretty bad.

But they also told me that they had close to a thousand different pages.

It turns out that Google Analytics informed them 99% of all visitors went to just one of the most popular dozen pages.

What was most visited page?

Home page was first. 
Then jobs. 

Those two accounted for 80% of traffic!  Have a look at yours and I bet it is similar.

Imagine how much work went into the 900+ pages that no one visited. 

All that work and effort, meetings, politics, copywriting, images, updating, coding, testing, link fixing.  For no reason...

If you are developing a new website, it is almost certainly cross organisational.  Lots of people involved. Fundraisers, communications people, service providers and board members (!) may want a piece of your digital real estate.

So here is what I think they should be asked.

Tell me:
   What you want on the web
   Why would someone want to view your page?
   What are people asked to do when they get there?
   What is your measure of success?
   How will you drive people there?
   How long do you want it to stay there and how will you expire it?

Without a good answer to all those questions... Nope. Sorry. No real estate for you.

Simple, but effective.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Superb Customer Care: I am Great!

Superb Customer Care: I am Great!

Well, according to Soi Dog Foundation I am - and so are all their other donors.

I got this email (click to enlarge) thanking me for my support; it has a lovely video and great copy.

And then when I shared it on Facebook, it switched to an involvement device and asked my friends to 'Click Here To Find Out How I Helped Save Thunder's Life'.

Yes I did it!  Clicking will take you to the letter I received.  At first I thought it was a shame it doesn't say 'your friend did this' and then ask my friend to support them.  But then I forgot how clever Soi Dog are.  I know they will be tracking that cookie and ensuring my friend gets plenty of opportunities to support Soi Dog.

Great stuff Soi Dog. And you too can see the full text of the letter.  Just Click Here To Find Out How I Helped Save Thunder's Life.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Old charity ads

Following my recent blog about using old direct marketing tactics on modern platforms (Old fashioned marketing) I thought this great collection would be useful for anyone wanting to see some old ads.

Mark Philips of bluefrog and Queer Ideas showed me his awesome Pinterest collection:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Webinar: Three Secrets to Fundraising on Facebook

Do you want to know if you could acquire donors through Facebook? 

Well, you just missed my first international webinars on the topic.

But don’t worry.  There is another way to catch it.

We had hundreds of people attend the public webinars, but the webinar is now available privately, and bespoke for your organise, network, agency or chapter.

And I promise you will find it useful and worth the time and expenditure.

But you don’t need to take my word for it:

“I attended Sean’s Fundraising on Facebook webinar yesterday. I accidentally signed up for it on Labor Day, a day off, but decided to listen in as long as it was helpful.

I stayed for every minute. Sean generously shared his expertise and demystified how Facebook fundraising works.”

Kristin Groth, Goodman Community Center, USA

Some amazing studies were featured, and the feedback was fantastic – people came from all around the globe.

"After the webinar, we had several ideas to communicate with our donors through Facebook, ideas that we can start applying today! Don't miss it, is full of useful tips".

Juan, FundaciĆ³n CRAN, Colombia

I will tell you the secrets to success. And I believe that you will learn a lot from how charities – possibly like you – have made social media work for them. 

"Donor acquisition through social media is NOT easy and Sean Triner has learned how to help his clients do it effectively.  I feel like I just took a masters level course on the topic.  I highly recommend investing an hour of your time to hear from Sean." 
Rick Waggoner, Convoy of Hope, USA

Like all fundraising, there is a lot of work, and it isn’t for every organisation.

“… If you attend for no other reason, attend to find out whether your charity should actually focus on social media fundraising ...

The truth is: Facebook isn't for every cause, and Sean will show you why that is the case.

Plus the webinar includes a free Facebook self-assessment tool.”
 Tom Ahern Donor Comms, USA

That’s right.  Exclusive to attendees only, is a simple but effective tool highlighting the areas that you may need to work on before using social media for fundraising.

The beauty of the free assessment tool that I give you is that it reflects your cause’s chance of success in a simple way.

If you sign up for a private webinar, I will also give a second opinion on your organisation's chance of success after you have completed the tool.

Please, let me know if you are interested by emailing me, myfirst name at seantriner dot com.

“This webinar is a great use of ninety minutes of your time – I felt sufficiently inspired to go check out Sean’s You Tube channel and talk to our bright young comms team member to start kicking ideas around…”

Sarah Frayne, Cancer Society New Zealand

I really hope to ‘see’ you online. Kristen, Juan, Rick, Tom, Sarah and heaps more fundraisers think you should get hold of this webinar too.



Sean Triner

Friday, September 4, 2015

Some quick tips of fundraising landing pages

There are lots of good tips on landing pages when you search the web but it seems not enough. Lots of people are wanting specific tips on fundraising landing pages.

So here is a six minute short video for you...

The landing page is not the end of the journey for a potential supporter, it is part of the journey.  And it needs to work really hard to 'close the deal'.

In the end, the most important thing is the brilliant proposition or offer. 

After that, you can improve conversion rates with some simple techniques featured in the video.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Works on Facebook: Old Fashioned Direct Mail Offers

It is great to see that the techniques we learned in direct mail seem to apply in the digital space too.

I reckon that in direct marketing, nothing has actually changed in how the 'offer' works. Just we deliver it differently with different technology.

Soi Dog Foundation - a dog pound in Phuket, Thailand - is leading the way in Facebook direct marketing. Raising nearly $8,000,000 through Facebook so far AND achieving amazing advocacy goals they are one to watch.

Here I have just a few of the 'direct mail on Facebook ads' and posts they run.

1. The Soi Dog Facebook page today. No messing, straight in with a strong offer.

2. Classic strong headline, 'person' in need looking straight to camera, clear offer of what you can do.

3. And again, strong headline, 'person' in need looking straight to camera, clear offer of what you can do.

4. Make the donor the hero. Literally.

5. Consequences of not giving made very clear. Great before and after imagery. If you dig through archives you'll find an ad like this somewhere in a magazine, direct mail or newspaper in the 1960s.

6. Classic two step. Get a lead and convert them. Not dissimilar to the long running 'improve your memory' and 'free investment guide' that appeared in newspapers 1950s-1980s.

Zooming in on the live Facebook page, I noticed 1,008 people reached within 31 minutes of posting this. Amazing.

If you are serious about raising money online, read the old stuff - all of Mal Warwick's old direct mail stuff, Ogilvy on Advertising and more.

Disaster Fundraising Guide download it here