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“Sean has a clarity of thought and depth of knowledge that is invaluable….but his real skill is that he keeps it simple and cuts through the fluff and fakery! This webinar is a great use of an hour of your time”

Sarah Frayne, Cancer Society New Zealand

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“It’s been a very thought provoking session. It’s challenged us its got us to pen our minds to a few aspects, and as a result we are going away with some fresh ideas, ways we can tweak and get a bit of extra yeld from the activities that we currently do.”

Carl Young, Fundraising Director Peter Macallam Cancer Foundation


“I recommend you to come to Sean’s seminar because you get really practical tips for starting with a fundraising programme, but you also get some advice on how to professionalise your current programme.”

Lena, Relationship Manager, Amnesty International Netherlands

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  • Watch this video to learn more about how you can have a great landing page that will encourage your visitors to make a donation to your charity.
  • Understand why it is important to have a good landing or donation page.
  • Find out the features that really convert viewers into donors.


  • Bas, a new fundraiser at a Dutch charity decided he needed to get out and meet some donors.   He looked at those donors who had given by direct mail, since that was most of them.  The third donor he spoke to (of a dozen......

  • Important: Date changes for my next webinars Just a quick one to let you know of a date change for my final two webinars in the Mid Value Donor Webinar series. The next and penultimate webinar  is being pushed back to the end of September,......

  • Ten thirty PM on 28 July 2016.  Well, a little after because Chelsea Clinton was going on about how good her mom was.  The commentator on the TV said “Chelsea Clinton extolling her mums virtues.  It seems she’s like a mother to her”. They got......

  • If they have a history of giving… all you need to do is ask! Alex   Alex is a caring and loving person.  She really likes kids and hates the idea of any child, anywhere in the world suffering.   She loves the work of......

  • Learning and sharing across three continents! This ‘winter’ I have headed North.  Very north in fact, starting in Alaska.  I am writing this on the plane from Vancouver. I put ‘winter’ in quotes because the big advantage of crossing the equator is the season reversal.......


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