Greenpeace Lead the Way

Greenpeace Lead the Way

We are working on a new thing here in Australia.  It doesn’t sound new, but it could have a profound impact on how charities use social media.


Visit Greenpeace Australia on Facebook and leave a comment on one of their posts.  Watch what happens.


So many people talk about social media being interactive, an opportunity for dialogue, but Greenpeace are actually doing it.


I made a comment about how Greenpeace are working with others to stop shark nets (bad) here in Australia.


The link they posted in their reply to my comment takes me to this petition:


Cracking stuff.  The response was not a bot, but a person.  Of course, once I have signed the petition, Greenpeace will give me an opportunity to become a monthly giver, and maybe call me if I give a phone number.


I spoke with Nicola Norris from Greenpeace and asked her if this was proving to be a good use of Greenpeace resources.


She told me:


“This is true to the grass roots nature of Greenpeace’s activism and fundraising.  And it is definitely worthwhile. 


Through our team of paid and volunteer staff in Greenpeace and an external agency, we engage with virtually everyone who comments on social media posts.  Through the dialogue and direct 3,000 – 4,000 supporters per month to various campaign petitions to help make genuine social change. 


Also, of the 2,500 or so that give us their phone number every month around 16% of the people that we speak to on the phone are deciding to help even more with a monthly gift, usually just over $20 a month.  We think we are reaching a new and unique audience who really want to help preserve our planet for the future.”


We are calling this social media hyper-personalisation but really, it is just good old fashioned dialogue between two people who care about the environment using modern technology.

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P.S. check out Nicola’s awesome Out of Office message.


If you want the link to the article it is here.


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