Do You Care About Donors!?

Do You Care About Donors!?

Is stewardship just another buzzword? Is that why so few charities actually bother?

Of course you care about your donors.  But how much should you care!?

The webinars I have been running for about a year now have been really popular and the Stewardship one is really stacking up to be one of my best.

After a recent webinar, Andrew Hateley from The Leprosy Mission Australia said“Thanks Sean! Really appreciated your frankness and clarity around what is and isn’t a good investment. Will definitely carry your insights with me into future fundraising/marketing/communications strategies.”

Every registrant gets the recording, the presentation, and a load of useful information whether they attend live or not.  Brilliant stuff you can watch anytime.

Ted Davis from US Charity AmeriCares said my webinars had…“Great, usable content.  Goes right to the heart of the issue”

In my line of work, I come across very few ‘experts’ in donor care and stewardship.  Fiona truly is an expert.

I met her when she was ‘doing’ customer care at WWF Australia more than ten years ago.  Now she is one of the most senior and accomplished consultants in New Zealand.  With a WEALTH of experience and knowledge I reckon even just the Q&A section at the end of the webinar will be worth your time and investment!
In the session we are going to show you how to steward.  How to do good donor care. We are going to give you some fantastic handouts and examples of great donor care.Fiona is going to give you awesome decision trees and maps for stewardship.She will also give you some incredibly practical training tips for your staff and volunteers.
Stephen Batsche, Executive Director (the BOSS!!) from The Salvation Army USA“Your advice is straightforward, practical and based upon experience.”

Well Stephen, thank you – and this next webinar is going to really make sure we do the same.
You will leave with a toolkit containing immediate, practical ideas to go and do.

Also, there will be lots of handouts, examples and more.  I am going to give you the MOST bonus material I have ever included with a webinar.  (Nearly of all which Fiona prepared J)
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