How good is your donor care?

How good is your donor care?

I’m Fiona McPhee – Fundraising Strategy Director for Pareto Fundraising. Sean has asked me to help him with his webinar on stewardship this week.

I am really looking forward to this as it is an area of real passion for me.  His other webinars have gone down really well, with great feedback, like this:

“This series thus far has been the best investment I haveever made in webinars.  My entire development team of [six] … are participating and all of them are gaining so much knowledge and information… If only we could get our board and executive leadership to watch these too!!!”

Mary Butler, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

If you have already registered – great and thank you!  But please read on, because I would like to ask a favour of you…

All registrants get a recording and the slides, and if you are free for one of our three time slots on Thursday or Friday (depends on your time zone) you can attend live.

Stewardship: Three Easy Steps To Make Your Mid-value Donors Feel Like The VIPs They Really Are

If you haven’t registered, you can register here.  We are limited to 101 people per webinar watching live so please register soon!

The favour:  Can you please help Sean and I help more charities? Whether you work within a charity or an agency, we want to showcase great examples of donor care and awesome anecdotes of wonderful stewardship.

A letter or video you are proud of, or a communication you received.  Anything that shows off great donor care to help others learn.

And – a very generous gift indeed – I am hoping for one or two people willing to share their organisations’ donor care plans, diagrams or flow charts.  Or an anonymised client’s plans? (If you are an agency bod, we will credit you if you request it).

Perhaps you have a nice chart or process flow diagram of what donors get what communications?

Just imagine how useful that would be for a charity.

You could be helping so many more causes beyond your own.  And would very likely trigger a donation from Sean who will almost certainly donate himself to such generous charities!

Please just email anything useful topic/subject ‘Donor Care.’

Again, if you haven’t registered yet, please do right now!

Stewardship: Three Easy Steps To Make Your Mid-value Donors Feel Like The VIPs They Really Are

If you can’t make one of the three time slots this Friday in New Zealand and Australia, or Thursday in Europe, UK and North America, don’t worry! All registrants will get a copy of the recording, slides and any handouts so you can watch anytime.  It is just US$89.  That is less than the price of a taxi from the airport in London!  (Well, it was, depends on how much more the pound has fallen since Brexit!)

Reminder of what we’ll cover in the stewardship webinar:

In the session we will be:

  • Looking at a sensible and practical decision ‘flow’ for managing donor care and stewardship with limited resources
  • Dissecting some great donor care examples (like this CCIA one you can read here).
  • Giving you easy and instant tips to improve your causes’ donor care – in a way that will make you more revenue.

See you soon!

Just click here to register.

Thank you so much.

Fiona McPhee
Fundraising Strategy Director, Pareto Fundraising

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