Top Tips For The Conversation That Gets The BIG Donation

Top Tips For The Conversation That Gets The BIG Donation

Top Tips For The Conversation That Gets The BIG Gift From The Mid Value Donor – 27th/28th Oct – $89.00

Tom Ahern is undoubtedly one of the best direct marketing copywriters in the world.  Unfortunately, he is also too full to take on more work.   BUT he took time out to tell you what you should be doing for ninety minutes next week.

Over to Tom…

“I play a naughty trick when I’m training NGO staff,” Sean Triner admits.

              “I make sure the training ends early. Then I suggest that attendees take the final hour and actually call some donors right away to say thank you … and at the same time make appointments for an ask.”

              One time he did that, one of the callers got into a conversation with a lovely donor.

              At first, the donor agreed to an appointment. But it was hard to settle on a date, as it turned out.

              But the caller was charming and listened well. And before she got off the phone, the donor decided there and then to make a $10,000 donation.

              Sounds great, right?

              Now, here’s the real punch-line. That same donor had never given more than $1,000 in the past.

              But on this phone call he gave 10 times as much … which, as it happens, was exactly the amount Sean’s training had shown was both possible and likely.

Right now, you have hiding in your donor base an immense amount of unrealized giving. It’s hidden among your “mid-value donors,” those who give you $250, $500, $1,000 annually.

              You just have to learn how to go about asking these mid-value donors for bigger gifts.

              Sean Triner has spent years as co-founder of Pareto, Australia’s top fundraising agency, perfecting the “mid-value ask.”

              His method takes a few easy steps, so you will have to be a bit organized. But it’s a reliable method that will reward your small investment in time and money.

              What is the cost of this “reveals all” webinar?

              Just US$89.

              Seems silly, doesn’t it?

              To charge just US$89 for a comprehensive training that will show you exactly how to raise 10 times as much from a good portion of the donors you already have in your database.

              But that’s all that Sean is asking you to risk.

              There’s even a guarantee.”


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