Nice personalised prompt doesn’t live up to expectations

Nice personalised prompt doesn’t live up to expectations


I recently received the campaign above, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

First of all, the copy could be improved.  It is not inclusive and inviting – in fact it pushes you away. They don’t make me feel special as part of that 1%, and the task of getting everyone to donate is not something I, as a donor, can achieve.

However, the use of a highlighted personalised reminder of my previous gift was good.

Also, the buttons embedded into the email were clever – especially the renew button.

I clicked that button which took me to this landing page…


There wasn’t an affirmation – “Yes! I’d like to support Wikipedia…” and no thank you. Either would be good, and both would be better.

Because I donated before, they know how I donated (credit card, Amazon or Paypal).  The email click could have taken me straight to the donation details entry form.  Instead I had to click ‘donate by credit card’.


This should have been the landing page from the first click I did in the email.  But with an affirmation or thank you added.

Unfortunately, despite Wikipedia being global, I couldn’t actually make the gift.  Only US states were available, so I couldn’t get past this.

Darn it.

Perhaps, they would argue, I could donate by PayPal but that is not a very donor centric approach.

When you are putting all that effort into a campaign, using clever buttons and personalisation, it is worth the while going through the user experience from the donor’s point of view.  Make sure they can actually give.


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