Peter Singer – The Life You Can still Save

Peter Singer – The Life You Can still Save

Progressive organisations in the USA like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have their work cut out for them with the election of a president who has ‘normalised’ casual sexism, racism and nativism.


But in response to the US election people have rushed to donate.


The ACLU had over 100,000 donations totalling about US$8m with a week or so of the election.


But will people still donate to their ‘mainstream’ causes?


Peter Singer, Australian ethicist, author, hero of vegans and brilliant brainbox hopes they still will.


His latest email to me recognises that about a quarter of his subscribers said they voted for Trump but pleads to Trump detractors to not donate to progressive organisations instead of ‘classic’ charities.


“If you are among those frightened by the Trump agenda and his newly appointed cabinet, I urge you to get involved in social movements which resonate with you. However, if you feel the desire to donate to political movements or organizations opposing or threatened by the incoming administration, then please consider increasing your overall giving during the next four years so that you don’t diminish your gifts to combat global poverty. We certainly can afford to give more generously if we consume less, which has the added benefit of being good for the environment.”

Peter Singer


I don’t think most people will switch their donations, but if you hear that is happening please let me know!

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