Loving and Punning on Valentines Day

Loving and Punning on Valentines Day

I got this lovely email from World Animal Protection (WAP).

It worked on me.  BUT generally, humour is risky in charity direct marketing.

I think this is for a few reasons:

  • Not everyone gets the joke!
  • Making light of your serious cause needs to be considered carefully: brand implications, offending the people you are trying to help
  • What you think is funny, often isn’t
  • Humour and laughing are not the emotional reactions known to encourage people to give.  A letter that makes someone cry is much more likely to elicit a reaction. Unfortunately, we charities have a lot of case studies that do that – including WAP.

I do think WAP will do well out of this. Clear offer, and nice ask and they likely know their donors.

Here is the intro…

And the puns / offer…

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