Most of my consulting these days is with boards and senior management teams through Pareto Fundraising in New Zealand and Australia. Helping with strategy, budgets and helping non-fundraisers understand the risks, advantages and long term value associated with fundraising from individuals.

Sean Triner deserves his international reputation because he has great global knowledge of fundraising in general, and yet is able to cut through the chaff and focus on what’s important for my organisation right now, and he can always back it up with data.”

Leonard Coyne, Soi Dog Foundation


If you want the facts and the tactics on all the areas of fundraising like legacy, mid value, personalisation, donor care, DM acquisition, Sean would always the the first person I ask.

Heath McSolvin CBM


If you’d like me to help. Let me know. I love to help and I am used to working on Skype, or in person – time zones are no problem. Get in touch as soon as you are ready by sending me your details right now.